Chicago, IL
Sector: Software
Investment Date: 2018
Exited: 2021

Accelerating Growth in a Leading Software Company

“Reveal is a great example of how Gallant works in partnership with management teams to transform businesses and accelerate growth.”
– Jon Gimbel, Partner, Gallant

Founded in 2009 by Wendell Jisa, Reveal is a provider of cloud-based eDiscovery software solutions to legal service providers, law firms and corporations. Prior to Gallant’s involvement, the company offered a software platform that provided eDiscovery professionals with a robust set of tools to support litigation and investigations. However, the company had historically underinvested in certain parts of the business, resulting in stagnant growth in the years leading up to Gallant’s investment.

Gallant invested in Reveal in November 2018, partnering with Wendell to leverage Reveal’s robust software platform to capitalize on favorable macro trends and market shifts within the eDiscovery ecosystem. As part of its investment, Gallant invested heavily in people, sales and marketing, and product development. Gallant also executed on an aggressive acquisition strategy to further enhance the technology stack and create a robust end-to-end eDiscovery platform, acquiring Mindseye Solutions in 2019 to augment its data processing capabilities and NexLP in 2020 to improve its artificial intelligence offering. Lastly, Gallant initiated improvements in Reveal’s business intelligence, operational workflows and internal systems in order to support accelerated growth and the growing needs of Reveal’s customers.

Reveal leveraged these new resources and its improved software platform to drive accelerated new customer acquisition and sell a broader suite of solutions to its existing customers. The company focused its efforts on selling a comprehensive, bundled, multi-year subscription solution to its customers, and maintained an unwavering focus on its customers and software solution.

As a result of Gallant’s and management’s efforts, Reveal experienced a 10x increase in its subscription software revenue and transformed itself into a market-leading, AI-powered end-to-end eDiscovery software platform. Reveal was sold to K1 Investment Management in January 2021.