Environmental, Social and Governance

Mission statement

Gallant Capital Partners recognizes the importance of considering how environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues impact the firm, the companies in which Gallant-managed funds invest, the communities in which they operate and the world at large. At Gallant, ESG is an important factor in our investment and portfolio management strategy, and we believe that careful attention to such factors can help drive value and mitigate risk in our investments and thus makes good business and financial sense.

ESG integration in our investments

Gallant is a signatory to PRI and seeks to integrate ESG in each step of our investment process


Where appropriate, we endeavor to:

  • Evaluate a target company’s ESG performance against industry standards
  • Document business relevant qualitative and quantitative ESG factors in our investment analysis
  • Incorporate ESG findings into our overall investment decision-making process
  • When necessary, seek third party expertise to analyze and verify potential risk


  • Collaborate with our portfolio companies to set targets where appropriate and improve ESG performance during our ownership
  • Encourage management teams of our portfolio companies to implement systems designed to effectively track ESG metrics and mitigate risks
  • Align portfolio company policies to adhere to applicable laws and regulations
  • Report periodically on ESG activities and progress to our limited partners


  • Aim to pursue exits that are attractive to all stakeholders including the management team, employees, the community and our limited partners

  • Assess potential acquirers’ ability and interest in continuing a portfolio company’s ESG program and improving ESG performance under their ownership

Aero Turbine is a maintenance, repair and overhaul (“MRO”) services provider focused on engines, parts and accessories for military aircraft. The Company is the exclusive services provider for engine components and accessories on GE’s J85 engine used on the U.S. Air Force’s T-38 trainer aircraft.

ESG initiative led to:
Energy Costs
Energy Costs per Employee
Net KwH Consumed
Net KwH Consumed per Employee

For illustrative purposes only to provide an example of ESG initiatives. There can be no assurance ESG initiatives in other companies will lead to similar results.

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