Value Creation Process
Value Creation Process

Reaching full potential

Disciplined execution of OTXTM protects the core, eliminates complexities, and drives accelerated innovation and value creation


Partner with the senior leadership team to Onboard the company, quickly define a company specific Vision and develop a focused Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan encompasses three elements: (1) Growth; (2) Operational Excellence; and (3) M&A


Execution of the Strategic Plan and Transformation of the company is achieved through: (1) top-grading People and building a high-performance Culture; (2) relentlessly focusing on Operational Excellence through the implementation of a Business Operating System based on Lean Processes and Methodologies; and (3) using impactful Data and Analytics together with Business Intelligence tools to Measure Performance


Tailored strategic Positioning and Sell-side Support designed to minimize distraction of management team and ensure an efficient and successful Exit process

Chart is for illustrative purposes only to show Gallant’s strategy for building value at portfolio companies, and is not intended to indicate that there will be any return.